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Our Story


Our love story begins on 11/11/11. Jeremy and I met on an online dating site way before swiping left or right was a popular thing to do. Actually, at that time I had never met anyone who's relationship started online. After dating for a few weeks, Jeremy took me out on a picnic to Point Loma's lighthouse and asked me to be exclusive. I was surprised, to be honest I didn't think guys asked that anymore! Then one Sunday morning, Jeremy was on his way to grab me some lemons from the store (I love eating lemons) and on his way out I said to him the 3 words that changed the rest of the story. After I said " I love you" he turned around and asked me if I meant it and I said yes! 

Then, after only 8 months of knowing each other Jeremy surprised me again by getting on one knee and asking me to marry him. (Video) But that was not the end of it, no sir, as a good southern man he asked my daddy for my hand in marriage. Jeremy had been working on his Spanish just to ask, luckily I was a Spanish interpreter at that time and I helped with the translation! lol  

We got married 7/21/2012 only 9 months after we met. This year we celebrate 10 years together and our love keeps growing every day. Who would have imagined what God had in store for our lives together. 

Silly Us

Our Point Loma Date

What we love

Food has always played a very important role in our lives. Before joining the Marine Corp. after high  School Jeremy worked in several restaurants in his home town of Eureka Springs. During this short time he developed a passion for serving others through food. While serving as a US. Marine he often fed his Marines delicious BBQ, from small gathering to 700 Marines training at Camp Pendleton in California. After 20 years of service he retired and started our first food business, Devil Dogs BBQ, our beloved food truck. 


For me, food has always been our mother's love language. Her kitchen is always the hub of reunions and conversations around the table. Same table that always has some great salsas. My mom's love for cooking is what sparked the flame of Carmelita, named after her childhood nickname.

For us good food has been part of our story. It all started with our wedding day. That day I cooked along with my mother, rice, beans and salsas for our wedding meal. The food we cooked with so much love and we shared with our friends has been a topic of conversation until this day. The delicious Carnitas, beans, and salsas are still making people's mouth water when we gather and start a conversation. 

Delicious Carnitas

Dad cooking Carnitas on our Wedding Day

Why We do it

Carnitas Tacos

Early on our relationship I learned that Jeremy had a calling in this life and as his life partner it was my honor to support and be part of his journey. So I set off to help promote his food truck business in San Diego Ca, Devil Dogs BBQ. His passion and love for his craft earned him recognition in several San Diego news papers, news channels, and local food BBQ competitions.


In 2019, we moved to Arkansas looking to leave behind our fast pace of life in CA. However, God had other plans for us. In August of  2020 we catered our first wedding as Carmelita Catering Co. and by October of 2020 we had booked 4 more weddings! 

We realized that like us, for some couples good food is a very important part of their life together. It has been these couples who have given us the honor and opportunity to create memorable menus for them and their loved ones on their very special day. 

Now, Jeremy and I are honored to share with you the same food we serve our friends and family on our wedding day. 

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