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The Getaway

Rest, Relax, & Reconnect


The Getaway offers everything you need for a perfect stay while you discover all that the Ozarks have to offer. Rest, relax and unwind while you enjoy a handcrafted selection of  comfort food on your stay.

Quiche On Glass Platter

Breakfast Selections

try one of our delicious  ready to be heated and served comfort food meals made with fresh local ingredients.



•Western Omelet     

Made with all the fixin's like ham, cheddar, onions, and bell peppers.

• Quiche Lorraine     

A simple breakfast classic with farm

fresh eggs, cheese, and bacon.  

•Bacon and Spinach 

Starting with a made from scratch crust

and filled with house bacon, spinach, and

farm fresh eggs.  

•Loaded breakfast Casserole    

This delicious casserole is loaded with bacon, sausage, potatoes, onion, and cheese. 

•French Toast Bake 

This sweet breakfast casserole is filled

with freshly baked bread, maple syrup, and vanilla and topped with buttery cinnamon sugar.


•Cinnamon Rolls

Made from scratch cinnamon filled rolls and topped with cream cheese frosting.

Colored Eggs

Chef Inspired Menus

Example of a Modern Mexican  Menu


First Courses:

Fire roasted corn with goat cheese elote. 
Grilled shrimp cocktail leche de tigre style.

Shrimp Ceviche Corn Tostada.

Fresh watermelon juice elderflower lemonade

  Jamaica lime granita to refresh palate.

Second Courses:

Green papaya & mango salad with crispy piloncillo pork belly.

Snapper fish in banana leaf  a la veracruzana cooked on grill coals.
Smoked grass-fed beef rib with smokey Chile ancho sauce with fried garlic & shallots, peanuts and fresh herbs.

Coconut custard flan with toasted coconut and caramelize turbinado sugar.

Mexican chocolate with fresh sweet cinnamon Churros.

Finish with a local roaster pour over coffee and little classic treats of tamarind sugar candy and Calabasa cristalizado.

Please inquire about other menu options!

Mexican Enchiladas
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A la Carte

Grazing Boards



Handcrafted using only high quality artisanal cheeses, cured meats, fresh, seasonal ingredients and organic produce. Each item is carefully selected before it’s placed on your board.

• Personal Chef Services     

Looking for a customized menu cooked fresh onsite? We got that too! We can curate a menu to suit your needs. 

A la carte

•House made Bacon      lb.

•Farm fresh eggs     

•Freshly baked loaf bread 


Loaded Picnic Basket 

Meatloaf - Double baked Potatoes - Southern Green Beans - Watermelon Cake (when in season) Or Seasonal Pie

The Getaway

What next?


Select the meals you would like to have handcraft for your stay.


Contact us or your host about ordering your meals.


We will be in touch with more details!