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Carmelita's Culinary Stations

Crafting unforgettable flavor experiences that will linger in your memory forever!

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Our Services
Catering NWA

Elevate your wedding experience with our comprehensive suite of services that ensure every moment is as extraordinary as your love story.


Choose between our Planning & Design or Catering services, available for hire both collectively and individually. Your vision, our commitment – together, we shape unforgettable moments.

Planning & Design

Our wedding planning & design experts bring dreams to life, meticulously curating every detail to perfection.

From envisioning to execution, we're here to transform your wedding into an unforgettable masterpiece, where each element harmonizes to tell your unique tale of love and celebration.

Our wedding services offer a wide range of offerings, encompassing:

  • Innovative Design

  • Financial Guidance

  • Venue Selection

  • Vendor Acquisition

  • Travel Logistics

  • Guest Coordination

  • Flawless Event Execution

Culinary Catering 

Uncover the pinnacle of wedding catering excellence with us. As a premium catering service, we prioritize sourcing local, high-quality ingredients, not only delivering an exceptional culinary experience but also contributing to our community's vitality.


While our traditional Mexican food menu is a beloved favorite, we offer a diverse range of culinary options, including traditional wedding fare, an elevated barbecue experience, a pasta bar to tantalize taste buds, and fully customizable bespoke menus.


Our catering styles cater to your unique preferences, be it the interactive charm of catering stations, the indulgence of heavy appetizers, the warmth of family-style dining, the elegance of plated service, or the variety of a buffet with carving stations. Elevate your wedding celebration with our culinary expertise and commitment to excellence.

About Us

Welcome to Carmelita Catering Co., a premiere destination for upscale wedding catering. With a passion for creating exquisite culinary experiences, we take pride in being a cornerstone of your unforgettable day.

Our journey began with a vision to elevate wedding celebrations through delectable cuisine and impeccable service. As artisans of flavor and presentation, we have had the distinct honor of being recognized by esteemed publications such as Arkansas Bride and Weddings in Arkansas. It is with immense joy that we share our achievement of winning "The Knot Best of Weddings" award for two consecutive years, a testament to our dedication and commitment to excellence.

Meet the team! 

Allow us to introduce our dedicated catering team, the driving force behind the success of our culinary and event endeavors.


Karla Putts, our esteemed Hospitality Manager, brings years of expertise in orchestrating seamless dining experiences. Jeremy Putts, our Chef de Cuisine, is a master of the culinary arts, skillfully crafting delectable dishes that are designed to be savored and shared.  Emily Wren, our Lead Designer, and Planner, adds a touch of artistic flair to every event, ensuring that the ambiance and aesthetics are as delightful as the cuisine.


Together, our team harmoniously blends their talents to create extraordinary moments, leaving lasting impressions that are sure to be cherished forever.

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The quality of the ingredients you can absolutely taste! My husband and I are foodies and we wanted to be sure we had amazing tasting food at our wedding - Carmelita Catering delivered!

-Jennifer & Connor

Wedding Catering

Carmelita Catering Co. provides the most delicious food and dinner experience we’ve ever been a part of…. How lucky are we that it was at our wedding?!

-Chelsea & Khol

Karla and Jeremy and team from Carmelita Catering were awesome! They elevated our wedding experience with the appetizers and food.

-Jacqueline & Aaron



Years of experience have taught us a valuable lesson: to craft truly exceptional weddings, we choose quality over quantity. We intentionally limit the number of weddings we take on. This allows us to pour boundless passion and creativity into each event, especially yours.


Our design and planning services start at $4,900, while catering starts at $65 per guest. Every wedding is a one-of-a-kind affair, so the final pricing will be tailored to match the distinct scope of your vision.


We offer our services not only throughout Northwest Arkansas but also for destination weddings. Your dream location is within reach, and we're here to make it a reality.

Wedding Catering

Your Ultimate Wedding Food Experience!

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